Zooey D.: Past and Present

From: Zooey Deschanel
To: A 19 year-old Zooey Deschanel

Dear Zooey,
You’ll have a long and glorious musical and acting career ahead of you. By glorious, I mean you will have the chance to work with Joseph Gordon Levitt, and well, isn’t that enough? You don’t need to stop and wonder why you’re playing a girl named after a season in a movie that feels thin at times. Many people will love it, mostly critics, but also regular people. Some will mourn their ticket money and time bitterly, but that can’t be helped.

You’ll draw a loyal following from the hipster crowd, especially with your offbeat humor in New Girl. Oh, maybe I should have let that be a surprise. Anyway, I’m not saying which character you’ll be playing.

You should probably hang on to two friends you made at school- Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson. You’ll find out why soon enough, if you haven’t already.

You’ll find yourself tweeting pictures of your nail art when you grow up. Don’t worry, this is cute. You’ll try being a vegan, but your allergies will challenge that. You’ll also find yourself engaged to a certain Ben G. The last one is a mistake. This is most of the wisdom I can pass on to you, although I don’t know if it changes anything.

And all the traveling you did as a kid? Don’t blame Dad. It was worth it.

Zooey D. (From the future O.o)

P.S.- Your haircut is awesome. Don’t ever change it.

P.P.S.- I may or may not have gotten up 17 times while writing this letter. I blame the ADHD.