Dear Pop Culture References,

pop culture

You grace the tongues of my favourite characters, often with flawless comedic timing. There is a ting of pleasure from recognition that follows, as my mind makes the jump, from plot holes to hyperbole. A witty distraction that lends layers to dialogue, I’m surprised you aren’t used more often.

Perhaps the excess will cause one to question the interest generated by a split-second line. Why do I feel so informed when I know the name of the latest host of Punk’d? I shouldn’t. It’s not like that piece of info is affecting lives in a way that the recent act of shooting in Connecticut is.

As the last thought crosses my mind, I do a double take. Because, such seemingly frivolous things as TV shows are still affecting lives, perhaps saving lives, often with the power of laughter. With the occasional overlap it doesn’t make much sense to compare the two of you either, so what am I doing?

I won’t deny myself simple pleasures where I can get them, and if I’m drawn to less serious things I will stop apologising for it. You give me relief in a way that news reports can’t. Credit is due to those with playful acumen who spawn cultural references. Take the triple whammy that was ad-libbed by one Emma Stone- “Because I’m not a Gossip Girl in Sweet Valley with Traveling Pants.”



Selectively Informed Anna



Digital Discoveries #4

Food for Thought

Part of my college course involves analysing ads and magazine covers. These are some of the more creative food advertisements that made my job difficult, and more interesting.


Craving denim? Maybe this is where your hunt ends.


This neat profile app gives witty descriptions of different stereotypes relating to taste in music. I got Anonymous first, but I wouldn’t rest until I had discovered the rest. What’s your stereotype?


Craig:   “Do you like music?”

Noelle:   “Do you like breathing?”

– It’s Kind Of A Funny Story



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