Digital Discoveries #5


If Shakespeare were in High School Today…


I can’t stop admiring everything in this Etsy shop.


Ever wondered what would happen if six famous female fictional characters lived under one roof?


A web-explorer



When a castle converses with a cloud


Castle: Haven’t seen you in a while. It’s been a windy few days, hasn’t it?

Cloud: Yeah. How would you know, though? I don’t think you’ve moved an inch.

Castle: What can I say? Man made me strong. I don’t have to take nights off, either.

Cloud: (bristling) Hey! Just because you can’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not here.

Castle: That’s true.


As night falls…


Castle: Cloudy? Are you still there?

Cloud: Yep.

Castle: I thought you might have blown off by now.

Cloud: I don’t think the winds are favouring the east coast at the moment.

Castle: Right.

Cloud: What’s on your mind?

Castle: I was just wondering… do you do it?

Cloud: Do what?

Castle: How do you manage to exist as a metaphor for so many things? I mean, I know you have a silver lining, there are at least nine of you, and you’ve amassed an astonishingly large collection of heads.

Cloud: Ha! You forgot about me being a bad influence when I brood darkly and hover near the horizon.

Castle: I like when that happens, don’t understand why others don’t.

Cloud: (shrugs) Eh. Some people’d prefer if I didn’t exist, so they can savour the sun more. Others, or the same people at a different time, really look forward to the times I bring rain. I’m sure farmers do. And there’s probably a perfume in honour of my heavy hours- with the sweet scent of Petrichor.

Castle: I bet there is. I’m jealous.

Cloud: You do a fair amount of metamorphosis yourself. What’s the matter of the day? Sand? Glass?

Castle: It’s stone, actually. But, thanks for asking. We do a good job as metaphors, don’t we?

Cloud: Of course. You ever wonder how we’d work together?

Castle: We can always find out.

castle in the sky



And so, with a wobbly foundation, amidst azurean mist, the first castle atop a cloud was built.




A Witness

Digital Discoveries #2


You obviously know that I place letter-writing on a pedestal. So does this site. It has original letters from famous people…..Morrissey, Oscar Wilde, Bob Dylan…..see if your favourites are in the archives.


Ain’t this the truth.


Some art to adorn the self ?



A web-explorer

Battle of Wits: Me Vs. The (dreaded, and oh-so horrific) FLU

The Flu: Hmmm…do I, or do I not invade you?

Me: I sometimes willed it, in school when classes weren’t as interesting, but not now, please. I happen to like college.

The Flu: They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Me: I can’t afford to miss a class! So much happens every time.

The Flu: You’re looking at this all wrong. I could give you a chance to work on the assignments you keep complaining about.

Me: There’s a difference between procrastinating when healthy and when sick.

The Flu: I’m sure there’s also a difference between healthy procrastination and unhealthy procrastination. (sly glance)

Me: Cryptic is not a good colour on you.

The Flu: I suppose I’ll stick to mucous-green.

Me: You do look phlegm-tastic on most days.

The Flu: I’m not even going to ask about the exceptions you’re imagining.

Me: You know, “most days” I have no idea what you look like, so I’m being uncharacteristically optimistic.

The Flu: Gee, thanks.

Me: You don’t really care about my opinion, do you? You’re one of the most influenzal people I know.

The Flu: I suppose asking you to keep that one bottled up would have been too much.

Me: Okay, okay…I’ll give it a rest….which is what people need when you bump into them. (twinkling eyes)

The Flu: Alright, make room in your head for less funny thoughts. I’m coming over.

Me: No!

(The Flu marches towards Anna)

Me: I didn’t want to have to do this….but my hand’s been forced. Bring on the tea over-load!

Led by Commanders Spearmint and Rooibos.

Battle of Wits: Seven Wonders

 Seven iconic places fight for the top spot among the wonders of the world. Let’s hear what each one has to say.

Eiffel Tower: I am by far the most elegant symbol of a country, besides being one of the tallest. I represent art, industry and science.

Leaning Tower of Pisa: You were only the tallest for forty years, and how many of those were spent toying with gravity?

Great Wall of China: It doesn’t take much to stand in one place and look pretty. Have any of you been able to protect your country from intruders?

Taj Mahal: Some things are more important than war. Like the love a Mughal king had for his dead wife, when he was inspired to build me.

Grand Canyon: Being a giant tomb is never a selling point. Carrying nearly two billion years of geological history in every rocky curve is.

Great Pyramid of Giza: You’re an overblown hole. I’ll have you know, being chosen as The tomb for an important person is an honor. Holding treasure was a short-term perk.

The Colosseum: I seem to be the only one with no thought of materialistic pride. I have witnessed bloodbaths, survived earthquakes and been used as a quarry. My middle name is “Courage”, which is what I give to those who seek me out in connection with their religion.


None of them won the battle.


Here, in my opinion, are the real seven wonders of the world:






The colour Black

The Internet





Death, or more specifically, Mortality