What I did in Australia: Part 1/3

A Prologue of sorts: 8-hour layover in Hong Kong

We walked around the city, admiring the architecture while hunting for a place to eat.

The place we found had great Italian food. Not a bad view either.

While waiting for my food, I found these interesting statues in the area.


We arrived in Cairns many hours later and settled into our hotel.

The next day we took the Skyrail(a cableway) into the rainforest.


At one of the terminals was the only spider I saw out of a box in Australia.


We caught a glimpse of a waterfall when walking through the forest.


The Skyrail took us to the village of Kuranda where we did some shopping at the local stores and visited the Venom Zoo.


We took the railway going back. I had Hogwarts-related flashbacks all the way. Oh, and look! Piano train.


The rest of our time in Cairns was spent exploring the city, discovering restaurants and cafes. We got lost at some point and ended up near a movie theater, so we also had a chance to watch Men in Black 3.

The day before we left Cairns, we trailed the edge of the wharf. The rainy weather didn’t allow us to go scuba diving, as we’d planned, but I still enjoyed it.


Coming soon: Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne