Digital Discoveries #4

Food for Thought

Part of my college course involves analysing ads and magazine covers. These are some of the more creative food advertisements that made my job difficult, and more interesting.


Craving denim? Maybe this is where your hunt ends.


This neat profile app gives witty descriptions of different stereotypes relating to taste in music. I got Anonymous first, but I wouldn’t rest until I had discovered the rest. What’s your stereotype?


Craig:   “Do you like music?”

Noelle:   “Do you like breathing?”

– It’s Kind Of A Funny Story



A web-explorer



Digital Discoveries #3


Reflect on the ways TV has warped our view of the world. Still not enough to make me want to give it up. What about you?


Oh, for the love of boots!


I wouldn’t want to lose Auto Correct for all the world. Then, things like this would happen only due to human error.


A web-explorer

Digital Discoveries #2


You obviously know that I place letter-writing on a pedestal. So does this site. It has original letters from famous people…..Morrissey, Oscar Wilde, Bob Dylan…..see if your favourites are in the archives.


Ain’t this the truth.


Some art to adorn the self ?



A web-explorer

Digital Discoveries #1

I’ve been itching for some change, as you may have noted, with the way I’ve revamped the blog. Well, I’m considering doing a regular segment where I share cool stuff that can be found via the Internet. I like the number three, so that’s how many there will be per post.

Be warned: This is my definition of cool.


As many bloggers probably know, it is possible to create a personal cloud of tags/categories for your blog. But, it doesn’t allow too many customizations, as far as I’m aware. Wordle lets you have more control:



There are very few clothing stores where I drool over nearly every single item. But, this was one of them. The video on the homepage is pretty awesome, too.


I saved the most addictive for the end. Go forth and be entertained!


A web-explorer

Australian Haul: The Little Things

I’ve been debating doing this post for long enough because I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. I had a lot of fun playing around with Instagram though, so I thought I might as well share.

The big picture: Penny Token, Lace Tape (2), Necklace (2), Watch, Bracelet, Alarm, Wooden Bookmark, Dracula’s Cabaret postcard.


Penny Token:

This is what an Australian penny looked like in the year I was born. On the back of the cover is a list of historically significant things that happened during this year:

  • War hero ‘Weary’ Dunlop dies aged 86
  • Unknown Soldier interred at Australian War Memorial
  • Allan Border becomes top test scorer with 10,000 runs
  • High Court Mabo decision establishes native title
  • Sydney wins bid as venue for 2000 Summer Olympics


Lace Tape:

I think I’ve mentioned that I love decorating my room. I’m always looking out for artsy stationery items to do this and this is one of my favourites. They also come in handy in other craft work.

I bought them in two designs.


Feminine Necklace:

Most of the time, I’m not very girly in my choice of accessories, but I admired this one at the HK airport for so long that I finally decided to buy it. I’m not sure when I’ll be inclined to wear it, but my mother has expressed interest in borrowing it, so I’m sure it won’t lack use.


Wooden Bookmark:

I deliberately forget to bring a bookmark when traveling so that when I eventually get tired of using tickets and bills, I’ll remember to buy one where ever I’m at. It’s a great way to sub-consciously dwell on travel memories when I’m reading a book at home. At the time, it found a place in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, in case you’re curious.


Watch-Bracelet Combo:

I never wear a watch because I can’t help glancing at it at inappropriate moments. If I need to check the time, I use my phone. But, this one was just whimsical enough to convert me. The moon and stars make me think of sweet, innocent times. It was also a steal, at 15$.


Three-Part Bracelet:

I bought this at the same place and, I think, for the same price. It’s slightly grungier than its calculating counterpart.


Alarm Clock:

This minuscule item was purchased out of boredom and curiosity at the post office. It does work, but I keep it more for its cuteness than utility.


Vintage Necklace:

I prefer a black chain to a silver one on most days and I’ve been wearing this one almost every other day since I got it. I love the outlined tree pendant. To me it says “Be natural.”



This is the bill folder at Dracula’s Cabaret, that carries instructions to be used as a postcard if desired. I chose to keep it. That was a fun night.


Almost forgot about these. I can’t recall what they’re called, but they’re usually available at any tourist spot. I got one at the Sky Tower, one at the Sydney Aquarium and one at a theater.


I know this isn’t what I normally do, but I hope it has sufficiently sustained your interest.