Anna Nymus

This is invisible Anna Nymus. She’s delusional and thinks she can get away with speaking in the third person.
She’s also a college student who’s addicted to many TV shows and has a penchant for psychobabble and alliterations, as you’ll soon discover.


13 thoughts on “Anna Nymus

  1. I bought a pair of boots to go puddle jumping in though to my surprise the waterproof label did not mean squish-proof. So know my feet and boots sing me a tune everywhere I walk. Squish-squash, squish-squash, hum-dum, squish-squash. A tune I call, “My brain on politics.”

    • That’s fantastic…..hahaa! Gives new meaning to the term “singing in the rain”. The single greatest phrase I’ve read today- “my brain on politics”.

  2. Haha, Imaginary Annie is pleased to meet Invisible Anna. She likes to write in the first person even though she’s imaginary, and she likes to pretend she’s done stuff she’s never really done.

  3. You’ve inspired me to try my hand at a little 3rd person today. If i’m unable to respond to my blog just know it’s not a lack of care but more like the peril of my lovely new white jacket……hehehehe

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