Hidden Letters, Part 6

Today was no ordinary Monday. I was late and the school was empty because apparently it was watch-a-rifle-drill day. Luckily, a girl I knew, also late, was waiting for me and explained that we had to find the place where it was happening. So, we tramped around the city. It’s nothing like my hometown. For one thing, it’s unnaturally deserted; people and buildings are few and far between. An empty cafe was the most happening place we passed. Since we couldn’t find too many people to ask for directions, we never found the place and were back at school after four hours of searching. It was a kind of walk I could never have gone on in a big city.


Strong and proud, I hold up the drapery

That keeps the elements out of your room.

For a hint towards your next step,

Please check the hollow at my side.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _