Hidden Letters, Part 2

Well done! Although, I admit, the first one was easy. Oh, I should probably warn you to keep an eye out for snakes when it rains, especially in this part of the house, and everywhere outside. I’ve come across more than one in my time here.

The only thing I enjoy more than walking around the compound is biking around it. Isn’t it huge? I try to go so fast no person or snake can catch me whizzing by. But, lately, I think sometime after turning the steps around the outhouse and parts of the garden into my personal circus ramps, the excitement did wear off. I think starting in the middle of the semester at a new school also had something to do with that. I wish my mother would let me cycle to school.


Here’s the next one:


Leading an army,

I march into the garden

Holding your next clue-

A stone roof blocks out its light,

A stone floor keeps it from the ground,

And it knows it can’t complain

When it doesn’t have to worry

About the sun, the air, or the rain.


_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _











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