Tail-Ends of Conversations

Dear Readers,

I know I’ve been gone a while. Here’s a little something to show for it. Hope you like.

Paper and ink,
I always think,
Are never to be left alone.

Tail-Ends of Conversations

Whimsical Dining Room Ceiling


Tiny Bobblehead

It’s happened more than once;
My gaze turns strange
And a face shrinks
Till it looks miles away
In an expanding room.

I half-expect
Time to freeze
But you keep bobbing.


Limited Freedom

And to be fair
I’ll let your candid spirit set me free
Beyond the oceans and the graves
But only for a minute;
I never pretended to be brave
Like you.


Never Change

So, you found something
Something you didn’t know
Not an earth shaker
But, it kept you up all night?

In this day and age
You’d rather wonder
Than Google;
How precious, I say
Eyes full of smiley tears.



It’s a pixelated world
With people to match
Bored, lonely and caring,
Much like the other world,
And riddled with scamsters
Who prey on the new
And the gullible.



It’s the box;
It holds
A giant watchful eye.
It reads my soul
And swallows me whole;
It tells me what I’ll like,

Where have you been all my life?



Should I be surprised
To find calling cards
Scattered on the floor
Of a casino parking lot?
Which flavour of beauty would you like?



The counting of thoughts;
It bothers me.
More of the same;
Add it to the bundle.
Just another,
Just another;
I’m being crushed.


A Simple Life

Passed and forgotten,
Remembered and missed,
Crudely denied,
Sorely suppressed.

A life lived.
Yet twisted
In a million ways.


Familiar Footsteps

‘Tharump’ ‘Tharump’
‘Tharump’ ‘Tharump’
Scrunching my nose;
Don’t like this path
Beaten it one too many times
Reached the point of doubt:
What was the initial pull?

Left a sticky mark on me
When I should’ve left
After leaving mine.


Summer Braids and Serenades

Summer braids and serenades,
Start the mint train
With the dainty wheels
That treat the pavement right.
An old friend knows why
I can’t climb a bicycle
Without thinking of tea leaves and rain.


Yours whimsically,
Anna Nymus