Dear Early Morning Freshness,








Dear early morning freshness

That sweeps past me as I rush to class,

Trying to slow time,

But it never ceases to pass.

It’s some comfort to know I won’t be the last,

Just one of many

Always in a hurry

Living a life that only grows more fleeting and fast.


I do so enjoy when you visit my dreams,

Mind you, not when you break them up

By their delicate faerie-winged seams.


Oh, early morning freshness

That I never greet as an equal,

Why do I feel better and more myself when you leave?

When in the day can I just watch you be?


But, enough of silly questions

When the answers are in your name.

Your failing to greet me

Will no longer bring me shame.

You see, holidays are a wonderful thing

Even if they’re meant for studying.


Goodbye, early morning freshness,

I’ve found another oxymoron.


Hello, study holidays,

Let’s have some fun.



Grumpy-morning-faced Anna


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