The Witch’s Trial

It had been created especially for her when she had come of the age to actively enter the world of magic. The years had not changed it one bit. An ever pristine mirror that held truths and power she had defiantly dared to dream of, it was the bridge and barrier to the apex of her strength.

She had been a Practicing Witch for over 6 years now and she knew the day had arrived; she would be tested as a witch and a person, to be sure power was not falling into the wrong hands.

She could allow no one in her company while she faced this ancient rite of passage.  Anything else could cause the spell to go awry. If she failed, she would not be remembered. That was one of the merciful magics of the mirror- no one in her Circle would have to be heartbroken or miss her.

She held it up before her, feeling her pulse make erratic jumps. The cold metallic frame lent steadiness to her fingers. Suddenly, she felt something seize her mind. Questions and thoughts were eerily voiced by the mirror. She responded, quick and honest. There was no jarring red light which she had been told to expect in the event of an unsatisfying answer. No, she was passing with a beautiful monochrome of colours.

She twisted her hands tighter around the edges, staring deeper into its preternatural reflections with every passing second. Memories of her ancestors began to flit across the glass and into her soul. In a matter of minutes she knew how to tame a Chimaera, how to teleport back and forth from far ends of the universe, and how it felt to carry the weight of the world in the event of an impending Apocalypse. In that long, drawn out instant, she Knew.

Power surged into her fingertips as she struggled to hold onto the mirror, feeling the fire that burned so many sisters who came before her. She knew the second she released it, the transfer would cease, and she could never hope to gain more from its swirling depths. Despite the pain, she gripped it closer; she could feel the victorious end creeping not too far away.



The Invisible Invigilator


22 thoughts on “The Witch’s Trial

    • Thanks, Ermisenda! You pick wonderful, inspiring pictures. I had a peek at your tumblr, and I’m tempted to print half of them and put them up in my room. 🙂

  1. Nice. I think I’ve seen “preternatural” all of three times in my life! Counting this one!

    I had a book to post about this, and I’ll just delete it and say the “Knew” really grabbed me. I did really want more like Ermi said.

    • Hehe…..I’m not surprised. Its domineering relative, “supernatural”, steals much of its thunder.
      Oh, don’t hold back! I’d love to hear anything you have to say, and if you’d already written it…..such a shame *shaking head*.
      Everything’s a part of a bigger story. 😉

      • The stuff I didn’t write is my total (<– should I put that in a separate post?) lack of respect for fantasy fiction. There is a point where you read and realize the author has admitted complete defeat. "I have no new or valid ideas of my own to write, so I'll write this s*** instead!" …kind of spelled out plainly. I don't believe in it or embrace it.

        • So, what I’ve gathered is you like fantasy fiction only if the world created by the story is detailed out. And I clearly didn’t do that. Am I close?

          I’m sorry if it felt lazily written. I’ll definitely look into that.

          The thing is, I believe that fantasy fiction is beautiful even when it leaves much room for interpretation. I like reading and writing fantasy because it can be read as a form of escapism or carrying subtle allusions to life.

          Short of writing a book, I can explain the references I’ve made, if you’d like.

          I’m a little confused because I thought you wrote fantasy, too.

      • I’m sorry for commenting in my sleep, Anna. I should have just gone to bed and avoided the confusion I created.

        All I meant to say was that I liked what you wrote here. You have good ideas and you’ve showed it again. You left me curious with “Knew”. It makes me believe you have another good idea. I didn’t think this was lazily written or anything like that.

        I respect and enjoy good writing, no matter what genre. Yes, I have written some fantasy.

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