Lovely Weather for Ducks

Dear Wade,

How are your swimming lessons going? I just know you’ll work through your fears eventually. Ooh, wait till you hear about the little adventure Daisy and I had yesterday! It involves a bit of wandering far away from The Lake, so I hope you understand that you’re sworn to secrecy.

*waddle* *waddle* *hop* *skip* *jump* *waddle* *waddle*

It was a mopey week and the two of us were tired of being sitting ducks. And, you know those fading gray things that seem to fly straight up into the sky? I was really curious if one could take Daisy and I with it, so we went in search of them. It took a lot of waddling, but we made it to the place it comes from. It was really odd. There were enormous, square, mostly white rocks everywhere. They looked almost exactly the same and each one was surrounded by a wall.

Once we hopped over it, we found plants in patterns! Can you believe it? I bet you didn’t think they were that clever either, did you? And to think we can barely get ourselves in a row without a frenzy of quacks.

“What do you know? They’ve tricked us all along. Smart, stealthy, silent leafy things. And organised, to boot.”

Just as we were getting into the groove of our walk on the wild side and heading towards the stone from which the mysterious gray bird rises, we ran into a human. You probably think I’m exaggerating to the point of lying, but if it looks like a human(tall and two-legged) and talks like a human(with a flat stone pressed against their ear)… know how the saying goes.

Daisy: “Donnie, do you think….?”
Donald: “Yep, I think we found ourselves a real, live human.”
Daisy: “Do you think this is where they live? I hope it doesn’t mind us visiting. Maybe we should try to explain that we won’t eat anything on their land.”
*Crack* *Crack*
Donald: “Or we could RUN!”

It turned to face us and we watched it pick up a long black thing from nearby and point it at the sky. There were two loud, sudden sounds and we didn’t wait to find out what it was before scampering off. What were us brave spirits doing running away? I guess, in that moment, we both decided we’d like to live to quack another day.

We came back just in time to avoid getting caught by Mr. Lame Duck himself, Webbed. He noticed our panting though, and nothing stopped him from bursting our exciting bubble. “You two seem to take to trouble quicker than you do water. What do you suppose that says about you?” he gruffed, daring us to challenge his authority. We ducked away meekly, and ran for cover from bothersome grown-ducks.

He won’t be Team Head for much longer, hopefully! If I could cross my feet for that to happen, I would. Besides, does he even know the things some of the others do in the water? He’d be wearing a “What-the-duck!” expression instead of a smirk. It’s not my fault I don’t want to spend all day in there. I’m sensitive. Water off my back, my ass! Well, you know what I mean.

Anyway, hope you’re having a nice week, Wade. Will see you at the next Easter gathering.





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