Which watch will take you where?


Two weeks in the desert is over-estimating myself, thought Jackie.

Never again, she swore, draining her glass of salted water with a pinch of lime juice.

She plunked herself on the carpet, ready to examine the fruit of her arid labours. A pocket watch partly obscured by its cover rested on the two pencils she had used to pick them up.

Jackie knew the dangers of fiddling with objects found in deep crevices or buried under sand. Objects that were meant to be hidden. She knew them well. They had taken her to places in her strangest dreams and coldest memories, but she had always found a way to return.

It fed her curiosity with all things paranormal, to dabble in the Bewitched Watches, and she had barely an opposing thought. The price she paid was the uncertainty of where and in whichΒ when she might wake up next, close to which terror-striking creature. Part of her thrived on the same danger, and she called to that part now, to shed her doubts, raising her hand over the watch.

Her last watch had been of a silver-ish hue, guarded by the tangled mass of a snake. She thought she knew which creature guarded this one.

“Take me where you will” she whispered, lightly resting her fingers on the ribbed cage of its cover for a brief second.

The ribs turned darker and began to move.

Click.Β The black scorpion raised its stinger, opening the watch. Jackie jumped back, holding the chain. The scorpion hopped onto the floor and scurried away. Three blinks later, Jackie found herself staring at a very different world.

From the edge of a high cave she saw hordes of giant creatures with human faces, large scorpion-like pincers and stingers, strutting between boulders that littered the gray landscape.

This watch may have taken things a bit too literally, thought Jackie, overcome with a feeling of dread.



The Omniscient Watcher


15 thoughts on “Which watch will take you where?

  1. I love that scorpion on the watch. And that is where scorpions belong…on a watch.

    I live in scorpion territory and have stepped on a few when I don’t wear shoes or socks in the house. Nasty little things. 😦

  2. I liked the contrast between her curiousity and her memories of danger. She knew that she may get into trouble but she loved to find old hidden things and use them to go to strange worlds.

  3. I love your idea about the watches taking people places. Great suspense at the end too. Awesome work! πŸ˜€ Thanks for contributing this week!

    – Ermisenda

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