Digital Discoveries #4

Food for Thought

Part of my college course involves analysing ads and magazine covers. These are some of the more creative food advertisements that made my job difficult, and more interesting.


Craving denim? Maybe this is where your hunt ends.


This neat profile app gives witty descriptions of different stereotypes relating to taste in music. I got Anonymous first, but I wouldn’t rest until I had discovered the rest. What’s your stereotype?


Craig:   “Do you like music?”

Noelle:   “Do you like breathing?”

– It’s Kind Of A Funny Story



A web-explorer



5 thoughts on “Digital Discoveries #4

  1. Whoa…most intriguing wolf-lover denim ad…and very interesting app. It says I wear a top-hat and slap people with canes. Not too far off, really. 😉

    Lovely post! Too fun 😀

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