Digital Discoveries #3


Reflect on the ways TV has warped our view of the world. Still not enough to make me want to give it up. What about you?


Oh, for the love of boots!


I wouldn’t want to lose Auto Correct for all the world. Then, things like this would happen only due to human error.


A web-explorer


7 thoughts on “Digital Discoveries #3

  1. Would you believe that I don’t own a cell phone or any of those fancy things?
    My son keeps telling me I need one for safety etc. I think I need one just to have some laughs.

  2. As much as I love my cell phone, Nook book, and laptop I have to say that social media and television have warped plenty of minds. Only television seems to dictate what people should look like and exaggerate what isn’t really there…

    • Hmm….I think you’re discounting the advertisements that pervade the internet and “the real world” (billboards, flyers) in addition to television.

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