One Lovely Blog Award

A few days ago, I was excited to learn that I’d been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by Jessica from HairsprayandHemingway.

After following her blog for a few weeks now, I’ve grown dependent on her ability to churn out intelligent and thought-provoking posts. And I really appreciate her considering my blog.

So, the rules require me to reveal 7 things about myself and nominate 15 blogs for the award. Go ahead and skip down to the good stuff.



1. I’m severely addicted to tea. More so in winter, when I drink at least 6 cups a day. Vanilla Oolong is my favourite. Peppermint comes a close second.

2. I have a Labrador who is smarter than many people I’ve met.

Meet Sphinx

3. I’m left-handed.

4. As a child, I was prone to head injuries, which might explain a lot. At the age of six, when playing on the terrace, I had the inspired idea of skipping down the stairs(complete with a jump-rope). Suffice it to say, I ended up with six stitches on my head and a fractured leg.

5. In the 5th grade I tripped and hit my head on a wall that my friends and I were rushing to, while playing a game. That was messy.

6. Not, however, as messy as when I slipped on a wet rock while trekking during camp. It was the first time we were going without any counsellors, or so we thought, until my fall revealed that they had been following us the entire time, from a distance, with binoculars. I still managed to complete the trip, though I attracted every leech in the forest. Sorry if I’m boring you with the gory details.

7. I’ve been hooked on to the Keith and The Girl podcast, since April. Now, I can’t imagine life without it.



From what I understand, a nomination means you’ve won the award, so here are my fellow recipients. Congrats!


1) Writing is Love – Natalie is committed to writing and photography; her site throws in the occasional furry creature, and is always a lovely read.

2) Kip’s Thoughts – Kip finds inspiration in famous quotes and multiplies it with his own words, so people like me can find it neatly wrapped, in moments of mental confusion.

3) Ermilia – This blog revolves around books and the co-authors, Ermisenda Alvarez and Eliabeth Hawthorne. You might already know that I’m a huge fan of their fortnightly ‘Picture It and Write’.

4) Jorge Farah – Music and personal anecdotes are the focus of his blog, which also veers off into other, equally interesting directions. A great place to discover new music or reminisce.

5) Danny Hatch – I discovered his blog through the KATG podcast, for which he works as an intern. I can really relate to his neurotic style of thinking, and his works of fiction are brilliant.

6)  Yes and Yes – Vibrant and full of life, it carries interviews with amazing people, great life advice, and wonderful fashion and travel tips.

7) Smart, Pretty and Awkward – I look forward to Molly’s snippets of wisdom and reassurance much like I do a comforting cup of tea. Which is among the highest compliments I could give.

8) Not So Lonely Londoners – Fashion, music, film and anything art-related finds its way into this blog. It’s always informative, fun, and at least for me, nostalgia-inducing, since there are often references to works of fiction I was fond of as a child.

9) Being Geek Chic – Elizabeth is amazingly versatile and her site reflects that, what with posts ranging from DIYs to technology, to design.

10) Golden-Zephyr is written by a British Romani living in the US, who offers a very interesting perspective while relating the traditions and expectations in her life.

11) Toned Down and Vintage – Anyone looking to absorb the evasive and delicate art of subtlety should visit this blog. As the name might suggest, it has a unique, peaceful vibe to it.

12) Off The Cuff – Okay, so I’m a bit biased. She was my friend and pen-pal for a long time before she recently took on the role of blogger. But I maintain that her honest, open writing would have won my heart anyway.

13) Dark Angel’s Confessions – I might have missed this treasure were it not for Google Translate, since I don’t speak Romanian. It has beautiful fan-fiction, poetry and diary entries, which convinced me that emotion does transcend language.

14) Accidentally Observant – Alice is never afraid to be honest, cynical or random, which I admire to an envious degree.

15) Melanie Crutchfield – This blogger was recently featured on Freshly Pressed, for her post “Shirley the Sheepish Feminist”. The alliteration alone would have drawn me to it.

There! Have fun blog-hopping. And thanks again for the lovely award 🙂


Dear WordPress,

Thank you for revealing that you do not need my permission to change my settings regarding when I get new posts from the blogs I follow. My inbox was quite lonesome this week. Don’t think you’ll be getting away with it again, though. I will be stalking the [Dashboard–>Blogs I Follow–>Delivery Frequency settings] for a long time.

All things considered, I still believe you’re a great host. Thanks for having me. This time I’m being sincere.





Letters Between an Antique and a Future Antique

Dear Antique, a.k.a, Vintage Telephone,


I seem to be exploding to new heights of popularity and sophistication on a daily basis, but there’s always the sense of being on the verge of a breakthrough. I’m overwhelmed and excited, trying to make sense of what’s happening to me and around me.

You’ve lived through a similar thing, as I recall. How did you handle all the attention and pressure?

Future Antique(iPhone)


Dear Future Antique(iPhone),


I appreciate you coming to me for advice. Let me begin by saying “Never assume that you are irreplaceable.” You can be modified and spruced up to suit the tastes of a new generation, but your era will end, as did mine. Your sign-off indicates that you are already aware of this, but there will be times when you have to forcefully remind yourself.

Remember how much you owe your maker. In my case it’s Alexander Graham Bell, and in yours, Steve Jobs. Of course, it’s never that simple and we owe those who came before them and made their inventions possible.

You’ve probably already faced the crusty side of your job- having had to work with countless apps. Enjoy the fun bits, the fashion, the fame, and the fortune. You should make the most out of your time at the top, but still be able to live with yourself at the end of the day. With great power comes the almighty paparazzi. Which, by the way, you shouldn’t attempt to fight or even remotely dream of avoiding. They will find you. Just ask K. Stew. They will also do great things for you, when it suits them, or when they are forced to by the public.

At this point, it comes down to how good you are at being an instrument of communication. You’ve already got your big break, so you can stop living in wait. That is, unless the suspense drives you, in which case, continue picturing the carrot being just inches away.


P.S- Since my opinion apparently means something, I think you have plenty of time to prepare to be exploited for your age on eBay.

Letter from Lady Macbeth to Macbeth

What follows was the original inspiration for my blog. An innovative assignment from a teacher who was better at giving homework than teaching, but could not make me love The Bard any less. Convoluted sentimentality prevented me from posting it, but that ends here.


Disclaimer: It’s nowhere near as brilliant as the work that it’s based on, and my meandering attempts may appear as though I’m making fun of it, but I assure you, I’m not. If you don’t believe me, fine…. “I am not bound to please thee with my answers.


To: Macbeth

From: Lady Macbeth

Time frame within the plot: After the murder of Duncan, and before the onset of Lady Macbeth’s somnambulism.


My lord, how fares thee on the high throne?
In reply to thy rumbled musings I make no sense
But that which grows from the common flower:
Anyone but us calls for suspicion,
Following, the Thane of Fife shall be no exception,
In this unyielding game we play
To be but bold is no source of debate,
Unless hollowed by depraved souls
That cast their nets on which does not move,
We must stand clenched on the royal threshold
That guards its mightiest disciples,
Failing which we meet Duncan’s fate.
‘Pon the final note of Birnam walking,
Thoughts that wander will meet my balking,
For how can reason not wheel thyself into laughter
At the merest flimsy suggestion?

Attend thy words addressed to thee
Well thought I might to ease thy troublings:
‘Tis better to wear a general disposition, remember
Dispose any stagger that draws assault on the senses,
Planting seeds of doubt in none-too-loyal soldiers
Who’d as soon turn the whetted edge to their commander
When nestled in growing confusion.
Yet amidst lifting words steer caution
Lest your highness fall, into traps of trust
When all you hold is coveted,
Likely as not by each, and so each
Falls prey to the green hunger that doth undo
Any confidence cachet’d upon their brow.
There shall be weath’ring times design’d to test,
Heed not the calling of any knights of doom
If e’er a challenge marks out when thy weakness shrills in chaos,
Let the Reaper pass by questioning his orders
And know, this is no field for Horsemen.

Blood will fade with time that passes;
Even now the deed is distant in its pricking,
Soon to be lost under more worthy indents
Of festive victory and hapful display of power;
Think no more of it, I beguile myself at the mention.
Now steel thy nerves into order,
There can and shall be no danger’d discovery dis-moving
In the blinding light of courage, even forged,
Hearts of men seek naught but pleasing facade;
O the bright sun o’ Optimism leading,
Oftentimes to their untimely demise.

-Lady M.