What I did in Australia: Part 2/3

After Cairns, we hopped on a flight to Brisbane and took a taxi to the Gold Coast. When we had finished checking into our hotel, we began our eternal search for good eats. I had several encounters with one type of feathered creature.

Why did the stork(at least, I think it’s a stork) cross the street? After eating, we walked in the direction of the beach and came to it as the sun was setting. The sky was lined with pink just above the horizon.

Here’s a picture of a lifeguard tower between the city and the beach:


The next day we took a Hummer ride into the mountains. We made a couple of stops in towns and to explore parts of the forest. Here are the interesting bits:


What is the world coming to when fudge has an age restriction?


We bought this for my father and smuggled it into the Hummer without him knowing. It was only right.


We passed many magnificent houses like this one.


An ornate mailbox and its keeper.


This is a little place called Natural Bridge.

Light in the midst of darkness.


If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear this bush was posing for me.


The place we ate lunch ate. Can’t tell you how glad I was to be out of the cold…

And inside a warm old-English home styled restaurant.


One place to see every kind of animal in the rain-forest. Our tour guide claimed to have seen all except the faeries. I’d sooner believe in faeries.


For language lovers. Care for a new challenge?


Next day a bus tour took us to explore Brisbane.

We made a stop to see it from a great vantage point.

Concrete beauty through smog.


We visited a botanical garden. I took plenty of shots, but there are enough flower pics on the internet. Cacti, on the other hand…

Pretty, pointy, perfect.


By now, it was time for a mid-morning snack. There wasn’t a big enough table available for all of us, so I decided to sit alone. Look who came to join me.

Someone’s not a big believer in forks.


One of our last stops was near a shopping center.

Balls of steel.


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