Spare me a couple of parentheses?


I am almost done packing and ready to leave for a trip to…*cue “Jaws” theme*….. Australia. In hindsight, I probably should have mentioned this a while back. My parents love traveling and usually let me tag along, so part of my summers are spent in different countries. This time my two older brothers are coming too….first time in a while, and we’ll be sharing a room. Should be interesting(by which I mean life-threatening). So, if I go missing, it will more likely be because of a duel with one of my siblings than a poisonous spider/snake/insect.

I leave you with these random pics of my Spain trip last year and promise to report back after three weeks. Hopefully, a few of you will still be around.





2 thoughts on “Spare me a couple of parentheses?

  1. I think I recognized some of these photos from Sevilla and Granada. I spent 6 months traveling around Spain way back when. Was doing an independent study project on Spanish artisans and folk art.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog–and happy letter-writing!

    • Combining travel and study must have been wonderful 🙂 Yep, the pics were taken in Seville, Granada, Madrid and Barcelona.
      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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