What I’ve learned from books(it’s not what you think)

From my picture books:
Lesson: There is more than one way to see a picture, and this lets you control the story.
Interpretation: Now, when I see the bigger picture, I know I control my story.

From my drawing books/pages of drawings:
Lesson: Drawings of what I liked turned out better, and I clearly enjoyed the process of creation more.
Interpretation: I know I’ll be happier doing something I love, throughout the process and at the end.

From my ruled notebooks:
Lesson: Lines are boundaries only for the beginning.
Interpretation: Once I get the hang of something, I can decide how far to bend/break the rules.

From my autograph book:
Lesson: The chances of meeting a celebrity when actually carrying it are slim to none. The few autographs I’ve gotten are on the back of tickets that are now taped into the book.
Interpretation: Big things in life will happen when I’m not expecting them. And I’ll just have to make do with what I have at the moment.

From my textbooks(when studying for exams):
Lesson: Useful information can hide anywhere.
Interpretation: Sometimes I’ll have to sift through boredom and obligation to find out if something contains anything of importance/interest to me.

From my storybooks(this is an obvious one):
Lesson: There can be worlds pressed into pages.
Interpretation: I learnt about the power of the written word.

From my spiral bound notebook:
Lesson: The spiral links all the pages together.
Interpretation: The common element in all the things, places and people in my life is, well, me. This means they can be totally unrelated/different, but it will still be my life.


A Bookworm


And falling’s just another way to fly…

When I wake up, I expect a slightly changed world.
When I smile, I don’t expect anyone to notice.
When I breathe, I expect more patience.
When I open a door, it’s because I don’t expect anyone to do it for me.
When I land on a mine, I fully expect the explosion.
When I am broken, I don’t expect anything from anyone.
When I call your name, I expect you’ve heard wrong.
When I lose my grip, I don’t expect things to ever be the same.
When I am proven right, I expect it to happen again.
When I fall asleep, I don’t expect anything but dreams of flight.
When I leave the windows open, I expect the wind to wake me, the curtains billowing with fright.
When I jump, I don’t expect to fall.

An acrobat of life

Summer Woes

Dear Summer,

I think we’d only work out in a long distance relationship. I know this because I like you a lot between October and February. Don’t take it personally. I have an intense need for personal space from all things, with the exception of Petrichor.
Yes, you’re very hot. I think that’s the problem. I can’t take the sweaty days(and nights), the scorching sunshine, and the lack of appetite much longer.
You’ve made it clear that I can’t share you with Ice Cream, when I feel like the three of us were made for each other. Sigh. I guess this is goodbye.

Being Baked